About us

BSK Print was started in october 2004 by Kevin Cooke and Shawn Wagner. Both Kevin and Shawn have a combined 30 years + of packaging experience.

BSK felt that there was a need for a specialised printing company which could assist with printed and packaging tapes and that could help with the security and marketing of goods through our range of products. We have worked hand in hand with a number of companies coming up with solutions in securing their goods from the picking floors to the customer’s door.

BSK Print supplies both resellers and end users and deliver in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. We also service other accounts across South Africa and into the SADAC regions. BSK print has grown over the past 10 years and service accounts in various different industries.

We are able to do both small and large production runs on most of our products which puts us in a unique position as there are very few companies that can do this.

We also supply a range of general packaging.