Welcome to BSK Print. BSK Print supplies both resellers and end users printed packaging and deliver in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area.

Our Products – at a Glance

  • Printed packaging tape

    Printed packaging can be used for many different reasons the most common use is to seal cartons with a unique tape so that any that tampering of the carton can be more easily detected.

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  • Barrier Tape / Bunting

    Barrier / Bunting tape is a great way to advertise your company at an event. This can be used to demarcate a route in a race cordon off an area or just as a marketing tool.

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  • Trench tape!

    Trench tape is specifically designed to warn of under ground cables, water pipes and other fixtures. This can also be run with a maximum width of 144mm and 3 colours.!

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  • Tamper evident labels

    Tamper evident labels work very well in conjunction with security tape and should be used as
    follows. The box should be securely sealed with your security tape .

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